About Us

Hi, we’re the Beer Gift Gods.

In early 2020, we started Beer Gift Gods after realizing that no great craft beer gifts were available for sale on the internet. We found 2 main reasons. 

  1. Many states still operate under antiquated laws regarding the shipment of alcohol by mail (literally laws established during prohibition era!)
  2. Great craft beer can be difficult to source. 

So we spent the next 9 months navigating the regulatory waters and established all the necessary permits and permissions to legally ship beer and wine to any state that permits delivery. That wasn’t very fun but a necessary endeavor. 

Next we set out to design and build the best craft beer gifts you can possibly make. We knew that our gifts had to deliver great craft beer (the stuff people wait hours in lines for) but also survive the rigors of the shipping process. 

With the help of friends, we designed and built a proprietary and patent-pending beer and gift shipping box that offers both high presentation value and security in transit. 

Armed with our killer box, we spoke with hundreds of our friends and fellow beer drinkers to acquire a list of the most sought-after craft beers in New England and the best up-and-coming craft food suppliers in our region. We, along with a handful of friends, make regular trips to source and procure our product every week to ensure we always have a stocked inventory of the best products in New England. You could say we’re professional beer buyers. 

After countless hours, lots of coffee and a few beers, we were able to design a handful of offerings we’re proud of. We’re confident we delivered on our primary mission: To make the internet’s best craft beer gifts that any craft beer drinker would love.

Our beer gifts are designed to delight any craft beer drinker and help people connect through great beer and food. 


Ryan & Dan